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Under the Sea: Marine Games

What could be more enjoyable than a trip under the sea? How about doing it from the comfort of your place, can you really figure out the experience? A trip to 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea' with every under sea character imaginable to entertain you. There are many marine games to choose from, full of action, and some lovable characters. The games have been helpfully categorized into few main subcategories: Dolphin games (simple more athletic games), Shark games (a tad bit aggressive games), and Piranha games.

Dolphin Games

In the dolphin sub-category, there are simple and straightforward games such as My Dolphin Show, where you get to entertain an audience as a show dolphin. Games in this sub-category have a lot to do with the athletic capability of the game characters. Harder than it sounds. They require being able to maneuver dolphins through tight rings, jumping hoops and other tasks. Other cute characters can be found in titles such as Dolphin Cup, which requires a bit more skill to navigate a dolphin through rings.

Some of the game will require you to be a strategist such as When Penguins Attack, where you are required to stop a penguin invasion by the shore. Stopping these little people proved to be no easy task, with multiple waves of penguin soldiers attacking from multiple fronts. All ammunition must be arranged strategically. The game, the Dolphin Restaurant also requires some strategies to be able to move to the next level. The game character is a dolphin waiter responsible for sitting waiting customers at the correct table, taking their orders, and receiving payment, at the same time keeping everyone happy.

Shark Attack Games

There is something for everyone. Those that love gory games have not been left out. Games in the sub-category of shark games, there are shark attack games for those that prefer brawny, menacing characters. There are titles such as Miami Shark and Medieval Shark where you cause havoc, fight sea monsters, and dine on unsuspecting swimmers... Yum! While still in the shark sub-category, it might strike you as odd that there is actually a friendly shark game, which however does not have much to do with the sea, but interesting nonetheless. Instead, it is a brick organizing game similar to Bejeweled or Zuma. Shark Bike 2 also involves a non-menacing, dare devil shark on a bike performing stunts on the dunes (Word of caution, watch out for the red octopus).

Piranha Games

Needless to say, piranhas are by far most aggressive water animals, and games like Piranha Feed Us and Hungry Piranha are here to prove that fact. So, if you are into underwater action, enjoy playing piranha games!

There are more titles to choose from, any of which is bound to give you hours of fun and entertainment while keeping you on the edge of your seat with every twist and turn. With different variations of some of some the games, to include different cities, there is no chance of monotony, even in the same game. The games are fun and easy to play, even without instructions. However, where required, instructions have been included, supporting multiple languages in some titles. If you have enough time? Regardless of the place you are, as long as you have a computer system and internet connection, log on and join in the fun!

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